Recommended Books on Perspective

While there are many books available on the topic of perspective, they can vary on how much of the topic that they cover, the way that it is presented and the quality of their content. Below is a short list of books that I found to be the best on the subject.

NOTE: This list is based off of the books that I own / have read and therefore does not cover all of them. It is also based on my opinion of these books yours however may be different.

Successful Drawing – Andrew Loomis


While the book is not only focused on perspective but more of a book on the fundamentals of art, a significant chunk is devoted to the topic. This section of the book includes various techniques for how to use perspective in a drawing, covering things from creating basic structures to having multiple vanishing points. The rest of the book is on things such as light and how to draw shadows to basic figure drawing.

Perspective Made Easy – Ernest R. Norling


While this book is small it provides a great introduction to drawing in perspective. It starts out with the basics explaining how perspective works and the various types (one point, two point, etc.). While it begins with cubes it progresses into more complex shapes including ellipses and drawing circles in perspective. It then continues on into drawing shadows and also reflections. The text in this book is short and to the point which some people may like.

How to Draw – Scott Robertson with Thomas Bertling


This is a more technical book than the other two and it includes a lot of what in in perspective made easy. It is also set out as more of a drawing course where the other two were more of a reference. This book does however differ from the others in that it has many step by step demonstrations some of which include drawing vehicles. This book is a good introduction to the concepts of perspective and is something you can slowly work through rather than just presenting the concepts which some people may find easier to learn from.



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