Art tips and tricks for beginners

When starting out there are often a number of tricks that you can use to overcome issues that may be encountered or to improve at a greater speed, below are some tricks and tips that will do just that, many of which you may have heard before and some you may not have or just didn’t know the reason for them.

Tip 1: draw every day 

This may not seem like much of a tip but it will help you improve, as the saying goes practice makes perfect. By drawing every day it will not only build up a habit but also slowly build up skill depending on what you are drawing, this is further built on by tip 2. I recommend that you spend at least 1 hour drawing each day but feel free to spend more time in fact the more time you spend drawing the better. Also when I say drawing I don’t mean that every day you have to create a finished piece of art it can be a sketch the start of an artwork as long as it is something.

Tip 2: get a sketchbook (and use it)

This is one you will likely hear a lot of you have not already to get better at any skill you have to practice this is where the sketchbook comes in. While not all artists take their sketchbooks around with them I recommend that you give it a try, so when waiting in a line or if inspiration strikes you have a way to get your thoughts on paper before they are lost forever.

Tip 3: use pen for sketching 

While this is not compulsory it is recommended or at least use a pencil without erasing a single line. The idea behind this is to make you think and plan the marks that you make on the paper rather than putting down a lot of lines and removing the ones you don’t want. I also recommend you learn to draw lightly on the paper when using a pencil to the point that when you have added the details and finished the drawing or sketch the initial lines are no longer visible. This will prevent you from unintentionally erasing lines that you wanted to keep.

Tip 4: don’t be afraid to try new things

If you have been drawing one subject to the point where results are something that you are very happy with you may come across the issue where you don’t want to try something else because the results may not be as good. Thinking this way will only be limiting to your improvement this is because if you don’t try something how can you expect to get better at it. When you get yourself into the situation when you have to draw something new you will struggle at first but just like with the things you are good at you will get better. Even if it is a bit of a struggle force yourself to try new things as you will become a better artist because of it.

Tip 5: keep old drawings (even if they are bad)

This is more to produce a motivation boost than anything, at times you may think that you are not improving or not improving at the rate you would like, a way to overcome this is to look back at old drawings and sketches especially ones of the same subject you are currently working on. You should be able to see a difference in the drawings and how far you have come in terms of skill and may give you enough of a motivational boost to keep working.

Tip 6: practice the fundamentals 

This is not much of a tip but something you should be doing anyway. If you take a house as an example and the fundamentals are the foundation, if you have a weak foundation the house is not going to be as strong. In a drawing this is also the case if you don’t have a good grasp on the fundamentals you’re going to be more likely to make errors and these errors will show.

Tip 7: draw what you enjoy drawing

Often when you start drawing and especially from tutorials or how to draw books they will try to get you to draw something that you may not be interested in. When I encountered this it was cartoon animals and I found that it made me start to lose interest in drawing. That was until I started drawing things that I enjoyed drawing. Like many things if you are not interested then not only are you going to improve at a slower rate but as I almost did you may lose interest in drawing so to avoid this focus on drawing things you enjoy. But if you are thinking but even if it is boring I still need to learn it, when drawing you are using the same set of skills to draw different objects  this means that even if you are not drawing that object  if you are improving your ability to draw the objects you are not interested in will improve also.

Tip 8: draw from the shoulder

By doing this it will allow you to draw straighter lines and allow you to draw more accurately. An easy way to achieve this is to change you grip on the pencil as most people write using their wrists so when you try to draw using the same grip you will often draw from the wrist, likely without even noticing.

Tip 9: draw the same thing multiple times

This is for people who draw lots of different things and rarely draw the same thing twice or like to draw from memory. By this I mean for example if someone was to draw say a pen and then they drew something else while their drawing ability would improve just by drawing but their ability to draw pens would not improve as quickly as if they drew it several times. This is even more important for those that like to draw from memory as the more you draw the same object the easier it will be to draw without a reference as you build up your mental library of objects.

Tip 10: keep learning

This is a tip not just for artists but for everyone there is a vast amount of knowledge out there, while it is not possible for someone to learn all of it what knowledge you do gain will help you improve in whatever field you are in be it art or something else. If you have ever seen a baby exploring its environment they are constantly taking on more information and learning but for some reason some adults like to switch off this software and go I have learn enough I don’t need to learn any more. Thinking this way will not be of any benefit to you so I suggest you keep your learning software running and learn whatever you can. Who knows it may come in handy one day.

Hopefully you have found some value in what was listed above and it wasn’t just a list of stuff you had heard before, but if it was there is a reason people keep saying it and it is worth paying attention to. While this is not a list of all the tips and tricks that can help you improve it should have given you an idea of some of the things you should be doing if you are not already all I can say now is good luck and have fun.


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