Methods to improve line-work

There are several ways someone can improve their line-work in their drawings be it using a digital medium or traditional medium. One method is targeted practice while this is not as enjoyable as that of drawing various objects it will allow you to improve quickly in a short space of time. below I will share with you several of the the methods I have discovered which have for me produced noticeable results in a short space of time.

First is a method for improving your ability to draw straight and accurate lines.


To do this draw two dots like above on your paper.


Next you want to draw a straight line between these two dots, if you miss the second dot draw another two dots and start again. The use of the dots is to improve your accuracy.


Next you want to continue drawing lines down the page, if you want to you can draw the two dots again or just try to draw the lines straight and parallel to the previous line. To check how straight you lines are use a ruler and place it across the two ends of the line.

Once you are able to draw straight (or close to straight) lines you can attempt adding variations of pressure to these lines. (If you are drawing digitally make sure the device you are using allows for this as some don’t).


For this you want to start light and add pressure as you draw straight parallel lines like you did for the tasks above. If you find it easier you can reduce pressure as you draw the line, the direction does not matter as much as the changing of pressure you are using to draw the line.


Here is where things begin to get more difficult as you draw you next lines you will change the pressure from light to heavy to light again. This will take the most practice of the lines you have drawn so far.

That is all for drawing straight lines now you will be attempting to draw curved lines.



With this task you will need to draw over a line. To start draw curved line like what is shown above, but it does not have to be exactly the same.


Next draw over the previously drawn line what you want to do is get the second line in the exact same place as the first. This will likely be difficult at first but after a few attempts you will likely see some improvement.

Now for the last and likely one of the most challenging tasks. For this task you will need to draw an ellipse.


When drawing an ellipse you need to keep an eye on the each end as they need to be curved not pointed and you don’t want one of the sides to be straighter than the other. You will likely find at first getting a correct ellipse will be one in every few but as you practice you will get more and more correct ellipses.

If you want to take drawing ellipses a step further you may want to try for a consistent size or drawing an ellipse between to points like you did with the straight line task there is always room for improvement.

These tasks are easy to practice and are good for when you only have a few minutes, I recommend you spend some time filling up paper and if you do it should not be long before you see some improvement.


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