Drawing a circle in perspective part 3

Now that you can draw a cylinder in perspective I will show you how to do the same but from different angles. It is not as simple as just drawing a circle as unless you are drawing it from straight on (not on an angle) what you will actually be drawing is an ellipse. The issues here are that not only do you need to worry about the width and length of the ellipse but also the angle at which the ellipse is tilted as I will show you later. Luckily there is a simple trick to help you achieve the result you want.

All that is needed for this trick unlike those I showed you in previous posts is two lines which are connected at a 90 degree angle creating a capital T. The order in which you draw the two lines is up to you but I would recommend drawing the base of the T first as it will help you find the correct angle of the top of the T.


The next thing to be drawn in the first ellipse of the cylinder which can over the top of the T. Note that the line representing the top of the T is between the two widest points on the ellipse the other line will indicate the direction to the other end of the cylinder.


As you can likely see the ellipse is not straight up and down it is slightly angled to the right, this is because the cylinder we are drawing is slightly angled up and the angle of the ellipse is related to the angle of the cylinder.


If for example you were to have the cylinder pointing to the right the eclipse would be angled to the left like above but this angle can also be  found easily using this method.

This T can also be used as a simple guide to help you find the length of the ellipse that you need without having to do too much adjusting.


To finish the cylinder create a second T on the opposite end and draw an ellipse around it just a was done for the first T and join them and the result is a simple cylinder.


Using this method you can create wheels for cars or bikes, cones or any other object that is circular and get the angle correct.


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