Drawing a circle in perspective part 2

In part 1 you learned how to draw a circle in perspective using a simple trick now we will take that a step further and use it to draw a cylinder from a cube. If you have not been through part 1 yet I recommend that you do as this post continues on from the end for the previous one.


We will start with the circle in perspective that we ended up with at the end of part 1.


Now add to this to turn it into a cube as was done in the earlier posts on perspective feel free to add perspective grid line you don’t have to draw the cube exactly as I have.



Now add a circle to the top of the cube just as was done to get the circle on the bottom of the cube. If you need a refresher see part 1. Note how the top circle looks much more like an oval than the bottom this is because of the angle we would be viewing from and as I said in part 1 the more the circle rotates round the more of an oval it becomes.


All that is required now is to add two lines joining the top circle to the bottom as shown above and to remove any unnecessary lines including guide lines and you have created a cylinder from a cube.

With what you have learned so far assuming that you have been through the all the perspective posts, you should have enough knowledge to draw the basic 3d shapes in perspective.



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